Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cuddle Bug

It was our extreme privilege to have a sleepover at our house with Avery last night. We would do this every weekend if we could, and if all our grand kids lived close by it would be a giant weekly slumber party!

I picked up Avery after work and asked if she liked KFC since that's what Grampy wanted for dinner. She wasn't too sure about that but said Mexican rice sounded really yummy. We picked up a large container for her which she was ready to eat right then. All the way home all I heard from the back of the van was, "Yum, yum, yummy!" Smacking lips. "Oooooh, yum, yum, yum." Smacking lips. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Taco Cabana for the win!

Avery was delighted with the beautiful sugar cookies Kristi had made for our Seminary kids (Kristi gave me 3 to bring home!). I offered Avery 1st choice but she immediately took the plate to Grampy and Kris for first picks. When she realized there wasn't one for me she immediately broke hers in half and insisted on sharing, giving me the biggest piece. What a sweetheart!

We watched Hotel Transylvania with her snuggled between us, and we laughed more at her repeating many of the lines with perfect inflections than we did at the movie. A few Berenstain books later and she was sound asleep for the night.

Pumpkin pancakes were on the menu for breakfast, and Avery had lots of fun setting a Valentine table for the two of us (Grampy was already at work and Kris didn't want to join us, even after her sweet invitation). 

And then it was off to her riding lesson.

Riley was intent on catching the chickens!

Look at that girl go!
Avery has a very vivid imagination and is a great story teller. Here are two gems from this weekend:
  • After hearing all about the fun Valentine Party at school where she ate lots of chocolate and received a balloon, she told me that her teacher was trying to get everyone to be quiet. She was the only one who listened, and the teacher told Avery that she could have all the balloons. So her mom took all the balloons and hid them in the hallway so the other kids wouldn't know, and now they are all in Avery's room. 
  • She has a real live pet snake, named Carlos George Joy Gonzalez. He sleeps on her head. (Ayrel told me that they have put a big stuffed snake above her bed to eat any bad dreams).
What a treat to have grand kids living close by! I'm savoring every moment, and wishing I could enjoy all of them equally.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas to All!

After arduous drives through Utah and Colorado, kids and grand kids arrived just in the nick of time to celebrate Christmas! We are so grateful they arrived safely and feel so very blessed to have them here for Christmas.
Christmas Eve 
Mitchell & Curtis getting luminaria sacks ready ....

 .... while their dad catches up on some much needed sleep after the long drive. 

(Sorry Soren, I couldn't help myself)

Goofy, adorable Avery and Aubree

Santa Mitchell

This beautiful lady made this beautiful salad!

Yummy tamales!

Yummy queso! 

 Angry Baby makes an appearance - she's definitely on the naughty list!



  Tres Leches cake finale

Mitchell wins for the kids - an R2D2 Bop-It game!

 Rachele, Riley & Curtis Getting ready for the new jammies parade


Dreaming of Sugarplums

 Christmas Day

Stumpy chose to spend the morning by Kris' side. Kris made sure he was adorned with ribbons as he unwrapped his gifts. 



We missed William as we opened gifts, but he was sleeping off the 24-hour drive to El Paso (that should have only been 13 hours).

Dad is such a great sport!
Scott and Mary Louise joined us for a nice afternoon visit and dinner.

  Someone REALLY likes trains ....

 And his first taste of Tres Leches!

 It was a perfect evening for a walk along - and in - the ditches!

December 26
Dorsey's Hallmark Store was happy to see us come en masse right as they opened their doors. They even set up a special table for us to use as we made our ornament choices :)
Tanja & Brad chose this sweet guitar that plays Feliz Navidad!

Kris was delighted to find a Wizard of Oz ornament

La Familia - a father, mother, 2 sons & 4 daughters - a perfect beginning!

William's choo choo train

Curtis's first Mustang

We squeezed out the very last of the warm sunshine

 and made a Taco Cabana run for Tanja

 before the snow began to fall. 

And we woke up to this:

Dad did the honors

The Gingell's arrived after their own snowy adventure, and Grandpa made sure everyone was filled up with waffles, bacon, eggs and hot cocoa  :)

There were a few more Christmas gifts to open ...
Best gift of the year earned Sonja & Marc hugs!

Avery made quite a presentation out of giving Grampy his gifts!

Church was cancelled, which all the Utahan's thought was hysterical (we're used to it!), and so we enjoyed a very lovely day at home playing games, eating leftovers, taking naps and walks, reading, and just enjoying being together. We even had a sweet devotional with a great 2 1/2 minute talk from Curtis on repentance and some meaningful comments from Marc on the power of prayer. 

Christmas is such a beautiful season! I am so grateful for my family and the constant love they show to me. It is such a blessing to be able to share these special moments together.